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The manufacturing company, Xolato, has always been involved in the production and marketing of high quality chocolate-based products. In his artisan workshop in Langemark, Belgium, Peter Messely, pastry chef and chocolatier, has always created and experimented with passion new recipes and ideas, naturally based on chocolate. Even X-Gin is the result of an idea and various experiments to improve and adapt a complex recipe, born from the passion for the nectar of the gods and for gin. Aware of the recent increase in labels around the world, Xolato has understood the importance of offering an original product, with a strong and unusual personality. For the creation of X-Gin, the Xelato team was inspired by the essence of chocolate, namely cocoa beans, developing a rich, delicious and particular recipe. Launched on the market in 2015, this company immediately impressed favorably, paying particular attention not only to the quality of the product but also to the brand, offering a gin with a modern and engaging style.

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'X-Gin' by Xolato was made in Belgium and for the creation Xolato collaborated with the Belgian pastry chef and master chocolatier Peter Messely. Since its debut in 2015 it has immediately been able to get noticed for its exceptional characteristics. Based on chocolate, X-Gin is proposed as a drink with aphrodisiac properties: Xolato, was inspired by ancient legends of South America to develop the recipe for an original but at the same time well balanced gin, suitable for both mixing both for creative use in the kitchen. Among the botanical ingredients typical of the chocolate shop, such as cocoa beans, almonds, hazelnuts, vanilla and chilli. The juniper remains very present, but they add that greedy and aphrodisiac touch that make it unique and recognizable. Award-winning.