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More than a century has passed since two Piedmontese adventurers began to reclaim the land on which now extends to more than 550 ha, the vineyard Sella & Mosca Alghero. A beautiful landscape, a land of promise and the chance meeting of two characters fascinated by unspoiled land: the engineer Sella and Mosca lawyer. These are the origins of Sella & Mosca, who in the early years of the twentieth century began the most prestigious wine production in Sardinia. We are located in The Plains, north of Alghero: Here, on an area of ​​650 hectares, of which 550 are planted with vines, lie the Sella & Mosca. To these are added the estates vineyards in Gallura and Sulcis. Those visiting today the fascinating seal revived the pioneering atmosphere of the beginning of the century in a kaleidoscope of scents and colors that express the character of this sunny and strong earth and that contribute so much to the personality of wines from the solar taste, generous and unmistakably Mediterranean. Respect the place and culture of wine, the attachment to the land and its traditions. Are the rules transmitted by the founders that have always inspired the activities of Sella & Mosca and that led to success. Sella & Mosca to full fruition, with their own production decisions, the two faces of the island of Sardinia. The first, traditional, stubbornly earthbound, and the second sunny Mediterranean. In the face of an established fact, production of red wines and fortified wines, Sella & Mosca was able to meet the expectations of a constantly evolving market with new proposals for white wines and roses', young and light, current and versatile. A philosophy based on consistent choices and dynamics that allows to Sella & Mosca to satisfy more and more 'demanding consumers.

€9.50 €13.57 -30%
€9.50 €13.57 -30%

The Cannonau grapes avail themselves in Sella&Mosca's favorable exposure to the wind Grecale. proud and generous wine, Cannonau Riserva matures with aging in the centuries-old oak barrels. It presents a complex and elegant bouquet. warm, dry, balanced with a light background of plum and wood notes. It enhances red meats and game.