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List of products by brand Lottino Spirits

Lottino Spirits is a young and dynamic company, founded by the two brothers Nicolas and Vanni and is based on their experience, professionalism and expertise, gained through meticulous studies, research and insights in the herbal, liqueur and high quality raw materials sector. The company is characterized by a continuous study both on the needs of consumers and on the trends of a constantly evolving market. The production of liqueurs and spirits takes place by hand, paying the utmost attention to details and raw materials, which are subjected to scrupulous checks in the research laboratory.


Amaro 'Moderno' by Lottino Spirits is an elegant and pleasantly bitter liqueur, with pronounced citrus and root notes. The entirely manual production allows to have maximum control over the quality and naturalness of ingredients. The spices, including sweet orange, gentian, rhubarb, cinchona and licorice, are placed in 100% pure grain alcohol for about twenty days. At this point, the filtered infusion is left to decant for thirty days, allowing the extracted aromas to mature correctly and to brighten the liqueur perfectly. The tasting notes start from the sweet orange, and then immediately move on to the roots and barks, including gentian, cinchona, and rhubarb where the bitter sensation is pleasantly rounded off by the sweetness of licorice and other botanicals with a marked freshness.