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Grandma Sara, owner of the Fiorini pharmacy, is the grandmother of one of the founding members, in the 1980s she prepared an infusion with spontaneous botanicals from Etna, following a recipe of her own creation. In 2016 the recipe was donated to Magiantosa and was later revisited to combine modern tastes with a passion for Sicily and its traditions. Start-up founded by the three partners Matteo, Gianfranco and Antonio, with a passion for Sicily and its traditions. Magiantosa wins the prize in the 'Liqueurs and Spirits' category at Vinitaly 2017. A recognition that certifies the company's commitment to product development. 2020 represents an important point in the history of the company with the opening of the liqueur factory, located in the Etna Park, where you can produce and have your products tasted.


Amaro al Limone (Lemon Bitter) 'Lumia' by Magiantosa is made from the infusion of 20 aromatic herbs and the best peel of Sicilian lemons, with a unique and elegant taste and an amber color. It is the result of an ancient recipe prepared by the pharmacist grandmother of one of the partners and today recovered thanks to their passion for Sicily and its traditions. Drunk cold after meals, it facilitates digestion and gives a pleasant feeling of well-being.