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List of products by brand Ottoz

Ottoz Distillery is an excellence of the small Alpine area of ​​the Aosta Valley, with over a hundred years of history behind it. We have to go back to 1875 to find the date of foundation of the company and to 1902 for the first Genepy label, namely the original Alpine Liqueur Elixir Genepy. Even today, the famous Valle d'Aosta liqueur is produced following the most ancient customs, supported by technological advances in the field of distillation, which have made it possible to obtain final products of greater finesse and softness. What has not changed over the years is the great passion for trying to make spirits of ever higher quality, using absolutely natural raw materials.

The history of the liqueur is closely linked to that of Laurent Ottoz, who emigrated to France as a child and then began working in a distillery. After a few years of experience, he opened the "Café des Alpines" in the old port of Marseille and in 1902 I returned to Aosta to begin marketing his Genepy. Success was not long in coming and Ottoz's Genepy has established itself in Italy and abroad as one of the most important labels among the spirits of the Alps. Despite the increase in production, the Ottoz Distillery has never lost its original artisan spirit and that typically territorial connotation, due to the use of alpine herbs. Innovation and fidelity to historical roots are the two keywords that summarize the activity of the Ottoz Distillery.

The distillation still takes place today with a discontinuous alembic, which allows to obtain very refined and fragrant distillates. Genepy was once considered a kind of therapeutic remedy for digestive problems, flu and colds. Today it is very appreciated to taste after dinner for its fresh and balsamic taste, which makes it particularly pleasant. The taste is, in fact, dominated by the notes of Artemisia, a plant that grows spontaneously at high altitudes and is now specially cultivated to make Genepy. Thanks to the quality of the Artemisia used to flavor the distillate, the Genepy of the Ottoz Distillery is still recognized today as one of the best labels made with medicinal mountain herbs.


Ebo Lebo Gran Riserva  by Ottoz is a bitter made with mountain herbs typical of the alpine flora of the Aosta Valley, which are harvested at an altitude between 600 and 1000 meters above sea level. 42 botanicals are used, among which Achillea millefoglie, Génépy and Ginepro stand out. Made referring to local traditions and ancient legends: Ebo lebo (local name of Achillea) is an intense bitter, with a balsamic and fresh profile, with digestive and tonic properties. Bitter with a complex aroma, pleasantly fresh and slightly bitter.