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List of products by brand Pietro Isnardi

The history of the Pietro Isnardi company stems from the family's deep bond with its land, Liguria, rich in typical products of excellence where the tradition of olive cultivation dates back to Roman times. It was Pietro Isnardi, a visionary innovator and a man of great entrepreneurship, the founder of the company and the progenitor of this family with a strong oil vocation. The family farm covers over 150 hectares planted with olive groves with secular plants of the Taggiasca variety, on the first hills of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente, in the province of Imperia. This area is typical for the cultivation of the renowned Taggiasca olive, a precious cultivar appreciated all over the world but very rare because it belongs to a delimited area, protected by the mountains and overlooking the sea, with a mild and mild climate all year round, where the diet Mediterranean has its origins. Thanks to the perfect combination of climate, soil and water, an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality is obtained, with a pleasantly delicate, sweet and fruity flavor with a light almond aftertaste. In the estate planted with vineyards, over an area of ​​4 hectares, the plants from which the company produces the two excellent DOC wines typical of the Ligurian territory are cared for: Pigato and Vermentino.


100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Taggiasco' by Pietro Isnardi, is a must extra virgin olive oil produced in small quantities from the pressing of 'Taggiasca' quality olives ripened on the Ligurian hills; it stands out for its particularly delicate flavor, ideal for the most refined cuisine and in particular for fish.