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Demerara Distillers, founded in 1770, is the only one to produce Demerara rum, a characteristic rum of Guyana made from "Demerara" sugar cane, a variety grown on the banks of the Rio of the same name and considered the most valuable in the world. Demerara Distillers is a kind of cooperative that brings together the 11 different distilleries left in the country, including Enmore, Albion, Versailles, Diamond, Uitvlugt, Skeldon, Blairmont, Le Bonne Intention, Port Morant and, to date, owns the largest collection of old stills never seen in the world (about 13), masterfully used to obtain the various rum labels, all with a personalized and refined stylistic imprint. The decision to keep the stills was very far-sighted on the part of the legendary 'Chairman' Yesu Persaud, now 86, in order to continue producing these different traditional features. Molasses are clearly owned and are also sold in most of the Caribbean, but molasses alone is not enough to produce Demerara Distillers' unparalleled rums: the latter, in fact, ensures the peculiar quality of its rums by producing its own yeasts starting from a strain of native mother yeasts. Following the short fermentation, we then move on to the distillation phase and the stills used make the difference, producing a soft and fragrant distillate. With each of its stills, Demerara Distillers produces one or more rums, defined as 'marks'. These rums defined as 'marks' are then placed in oak barrels for aging; the stock of barrels, one of the most important in the world, with about 100,000 units, hosts many different rums and some very old, recognizable by the initials, or 'marks', brushed on the barrel itself. The different labels of El Dorado correspond to different blends of these 'marks' rum. Demerara is synonymous with great quality and incomparable variety; it is not just a style in itself, but a unique identity within which multiple diversities coexist which, when assembled, give the unique versatility of El Dorado.

€120.00 €150.00 -20%
€120.00 €150.00 -20%

Rum Demerara 2004 15 Years by Demerara is distilled by the historic Demerara Distillers, active since 1770. This Rum Sherry Wood was distilled in Guyana and aged in Scotland. With an intense amber yellow color, it has a bouquet characterized by fruity hints of apricot jam, ripe yellow peach, yellow rose and toffee, together with hints of vanilla, melted butter and nutmeg. Warm, rich and enveloping taste, well balanced in flavor and greedy in the references of licorice and saffron, towards a soft, clean and harmonious finish, with a very long trail of spicy notes.