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List of products by brand Nomine' Renard

Nominé family owns 20 hectares of vineyards and operates mainly in the municipality of Villevenard, in the Vallée du Petit Morin, a production area wedged between the Côte de Blancs and the Côte de Sezanne. Claude Nominé, supported by his son Simon, collect and process their own grapes, mainly Chardonnay, in total respect for nature Each variety and each vintage is vinified separately, in such a way as to have a complex database available, used to package wines marked by a strong territoriality and marked by the influence of the vintage. The wines, elaborated classically (the pressing still takes place in traditional vertical presses), mature for a minimum of 30 months in the bottle. 

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Champagne Blanc de Blancs by Nominé Renard is a single grape variety based on Chardonnay. It comes from vineyards located between the Côte de Blancs and the Côte de Sezanne. The grapes owned by the maison are treated with total respect for nature. The variety of grapes gives this cuvée a unique and recognizable typicality among all. Aged for 48 months on the lees and 12 after dégorgement, the result is a fresh and fine champagne, the ideal companion for aperitifs or fish-based dishes.