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List of products by brand Alexandre Bonnet

It was 1934 when Lucien Noble began to cultivate his vineyards in the dedicated area of Les Riceys, a common symbol of the Côte de Bar and the only village in Champagne capable of articulating its production in three denominations (Champagne, Côteaux Champenois and Rosè de Riceys, a still rosé). Lucien's passion has reached the following generations; it was the early 1970s when renée, Serge and Alain Bonnet founded the Alexandre Bonnet brand. Currently with its 47 hectares of property, located in areas particularly suited to the production of large Pinot Noir, and targeted rental contracts, this small maison is the most relevant interpreter in this peculiar southern corner of the Aube. Alexandre Bonnet is a brand owned by the Lanson group. 

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Champagne Brut Blanc de Noirs by Alexandre Bonnet  is a pure Pinot Noir and is made in the beautiful town of Les Riceys in the southernmost region of Champagne, the Côte des Bars. The Maison Bonnet uses Pinot Noir as a 'base of nobility' for its creations: the Cuvée Blanc de Noirs is full and very expressive, with beautiful golden reflections, very fine and persistent perlage. Fresh and intense bpuquet, which reveals a delicious aroma of currant, black cherry and quince. The dense and spicy mouth emphasizes the wine and expressive character of the Pinot Noir of the Côte de Bar. An increasingly rigorous parcel selection reinforces the authentic style of this cuvée.