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List of products by brand Helios

Helios Distillery has a fairly short history by Japanese distillery standards, they began distilling rum in 1961. Helios also makes whiskey using their own rum barrels to complement and refine their blended whiskey line.


Rhum 'Teeda' 5 Years by Helios Distillery (Teeda means "sun" in okiwanense) was carefully prepared in Nago City, Okinawa, by the Helios distillery. It is an artisanal rum aged in ex-bourbon Japanese white oak barrels. Spice Rum of intense sweetness, a bouquet of cinnamon, caramel and candied sugar on the palate, and a finish in maple syrup. 


White Rum 'Kiyomi' by Helios Distillery (Kiyomi means "pure beauty" in Japanese) was carefully prepared in Nago City, Okinawa, by the Helios Distillery by distilling fermented sugarcane juice, giving it a certain resemblance to the Agricole style. Bottling is fermented for 30 days, producing a fruity quality and distilled in a double column. It rests for 6 months in steel tanks to ensure purity and consistency. An excellent white rum with notes of sweet cornbread, herbs, salt, white syrup, a little cucumber, a touch of ash wood, pineapple, banana and ripe strawberries.