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Quartomoro di Sardegna, is a micro-company in continuous evolution, founded by the oenologist and winemaker Piero Cella, in Arborea, in the province of Oristano. The company was founded with the intention of experimenting, innovating and sharing Sardinian viticulture in respect of traditions, territory and nature. Piero, always in love with Sardinia, lets himself be inspired by the biodiversity and by the very Sardinian terroir, to produce elegant and original wines.
The project of this company begins with a work in the vineyard that respects nature and its times, an essential winemaking with a moderate intervention in the cellar and a well-characterized and representative style of the territory and the varietal imprint.


'Memorie di Vite BVL' by Quartomoro di Sardegna is a Bovale in purity that comes from the Franco di Piede vineyard planted in 1925. The vine leaves are salted from the sea aerosol helping to create an intriguing and pleasantly complex wine. Sweet notes of red fruit, plums, Mediterranean scrub and mineral puffs. Rich in structure and flavor, it goes well with strong-flavored meats.


'Memorie di Vite CNS' by Quartomoro di Sardegna is a Cannonau that is born in vines planted in Dorgali (Nuorese) in 1950. It matures 6 months in steel and barriques of at least 4 steps. The nose is spicy, fruity and balsamic. In the mouth it is sapid, warm and of medium opulence, good softness and length. Ideal to accompany meat-based first courses.


'Memorie di Vite CRG' by Quartomoro di Sardegna is a Carignano del Sulcis from vines planted in Calasetta in 1967. It matures 6 months in steel and barriques of at least 4 steps. Intense and complex bouquet, island, marine, balsamic; reminiscent of red fruits and spices. In the mouth it has a good flavor and power. Ideal for accompanying well-seasoned first courses, stewed and barbecued meats.


'Memorie di Vite NRG' by Quartomoro di Sardegna  is a Nuragus that is born in vines planted in Basso Campidano in 1958. It matures 6 months in steel. On the nose it is "green" and spicy, on the palate it is typically tannic and hairy, with good longevity that will bring length to taste. Pleasantly accompanies seafood and land appetizers, fish-based first and second courses.