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In 1815 Ausano Ramazzotti inside a small workshop in Milan began experimenting with ingredients from all over the world including: Italian sweet orange peels, gentian, rhubarb, turmeric and rosemary. Driven by the desire to produce an aromatized drink, perfect for every moment of the day, Ausano creates a harmonious blend of 33 spices, herbs, flowers and fruits, whose recipe is still today secret and handed down over time. This is how Amaro Ramazzotti was born. For the Milanese it quickly became the favorite bitter to drink with coffee, a tradition born more than 200 years ago.

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The Bitter and Grappa Reserve 'Il Premio' by Ramazzotti is the result of an ancient secret recipe developed by Ausano Ramazzotti to create a unique product to dedicate to his children. Preserved intact until today it has been recovered from the historical archives of the family and today it is the basis of this unique blend based on Amaro Ramazzotti and Grappa di Nebbiolo aged 36 months. Excellent to drink smooth, it goes well with dry pastry or a cutting board of mature cheeses.