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The names from which we can start to tell the story of the Tequila "Olmeca Altos" are those of Andrés Masso and Henry Besant. Two bartenders, united by passion and love for cocktails and long drinks, and for the world of spirits in general. Two friends who over the years have improved with perseverance and determination, managing to be awarded with important prizes and awards.
This is the beginning from which the same Andrés Masso and Henry Besant have taken the steps to come to draw their important consideration, relative to the fact that the world of Tequila offered interesting margins of further growth. Here then comes the third name, that of Jesús Hernandez, master tequilero who together with Andrés Masso and Henry Besant gave life to the project "Olmeca Altos", aimed at the production of high quality Tequila.
At the base of everything there is a strict and scrupulous selection of the raw material, for which they are only the best Weber blue agave plants - with their thorny blue leaves - those that are chosen to produce the Tequila "Olmeca Altos".
Harvested at over 2,000 meters above sea level, on volcanic matrix soil rich in mineral salts, agave plants are hand-cut only after reaching eight years of age. Subsequently, after having divided the leaves in two, the cooking process is carried out in brick ovens and lasts for three days. Once cooked, the agave is crushed and pressed, only to be left to ferment by indigenous yeasts only. The fermented juice, finally, faces a double distillation process in copper stills, to then be finally bottled for the Tequila "Blanco", or it can be aged in oak barrels for the Tequila "Reposado".
The result is a distillate capable of achieving very high quality standards, that is, of a Tequila that enters the list of the best Tequila from all over Mexico.

€21.00 €26.25 -20%
€21.00 €26.25 -20%

The Tequila Blanco 'Plata' by Olmeca Altos is made from the finest Weber blue agave plants, and is produced following controlled working processes in detail. Excellent to sip alone and perfect to use for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks: harmonious with herbaceous notes with flavors of cooked agave and citrus nuances, such as lime and lemon, and sweet notes of vanilla.