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List of products by brand Martell

Martell is the oldest of the cognac producing companies, founded in 1715 when the Englishman Jean Martell arrives in France to start trading spirits. Through successive generations, Martell quickly becomes one of Europe's leading cognac distilleries, creating the his first VSOP cognac in 1831. In 1838 the family moved its headquarters to Chanteloup, the famous castle that will welcome personalities from all over the world. But it is during the next two centuries that Martell will become the icon of French cognac, a symbol of luxury and aristocracy: always present in gala dinners and banquets, this cognac will be present at the coronation of King George V of England , on the maiden voyage of the Queen Mary and in several famous Hollywood films, testifying to her fame and fame that have characterized these extraordinary cognacs for over 300 years.


The Cognac VSOP 'Red Barrels' by Martell is the result of a skilful blend of 4 different spirits from the Grande Champagne and the Borderies, areas from which the most refined cognacs originate. Aging, from 2 to 8 years, is carried out exclusively in fine-grain oak barrels of a reddish color typical of aged wood. Fruity bouquet, broad and complex.