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The history of Rum Diplomático begins in Venezuela at the end of the 50s, in 1959 to be precise, the year in which the distillery was founded. At the time, "Licorerías Unidas S. A." (LUSA) was the company that owns the distillery, while the company's main shareholder was "Seagram's International", one of the largest wineries in the world at the time.
In 2002, LUSA, including the distillery itself as well as the Rum Diplomático brand, was put up for sale and acquired by a group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs, most of whom are already well versed in the spirits sector. Believing in the potential of the company, the new directors give a change of direction to the company, which will become the "Destilerías Unidas S. A." (DUSA), today one of the largest and most important Rum distilleries in all of Venezuela.
Distributed in over fifty different countries around the world, Rum Diplomático is a leader in the Venezuelan market, where it is even recognized under the protected designation of origin. Sons of careful production processes that never prescind from the highest possible quality levels, Rum Diplomático are born from a careful selection of raw materials, and after the distillation are mixed by the most skilled and experienced masters ronero. With almost seven hundred active employees in the company, DUSA is currently an important reality, committed to pursuing sustainable strategies, which provide for the recycling of solid waste and maximum respect for the environment and the ecosystem.
Located at the foot of the Venezuelan Andes, the distillery is close to the main sugar cane factories, and being able to count on the most modern and advanced technologies, offers a range of labels resulting from experience, know-how and know-how. secular faire. Rum, those labeled Diplomático, which among other things are divided into completely different blends, characterized by the raw material to fermentation, then to distillation and aging. Inimitable rums.


The Ron Ambassador Selection by Diplomático is the flagship label of the Unidas Distillerias, a true institution. It is first left to mature in American oak barrels for a minimum of 12 years, before it has been aged in former Sherry Pedro Ximenex casks for another 2 years. Mighty but balanced between the sweet and the most bitter tones. Unique and classy, it is worth all the price it costs.