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To unveil the Vermouth is essential to talk about Turin, and to talk about Turin we need to say Alchemy.The Vermouth has its origin in the Alchemical Caves of Turin whose tradition is still alive and enlighten for those who know and practice. Turin is the world capital of Magic. Magic is the container of human knowledge and the Magician is the one who, having the key, uses it for the good of mankind.The Vermouth comes with its own rules, numbers, rituals and as invigorating and energizing for the stomach, in order to prepare it for a proper digestion. Kings, nobles, rich remained efficient and alert even after big feasts.Later on the consumption was common and widespread, with different formulations, in different shops of Turin, and then throughout the world.A great occult alchemist, Evangisto Cursalis, elaborated at the origin what is now the formula of Riserva Carlo Alberto.The Vermouth Riserva Carlo Alberto respects the values, the numbers, steps required in order to keep effective the deep roots of Alchemy that generated it, and the benefits that can be achieved with the proper consumption.Alchemy is a path to create free men. Free men appreciate and value the best.
Our philosophy states that a product is effective to the extent that improves the society, and we follow that rule.(Evangisto Cursalis: Bulgaria 1763 - Torino 1821)


The 'Vermouth Rosso' by Riserva Carlo Alberto, is created in 1837 near Turin. In 1971 the formula was rediscovered and in 2016 the bottle was restyled. Light shade of medieval copper brown. To the nose it has hints of cherry with fresh summer fruit, yarrow flowers and Tonka bean, wild herbs, warm spices, red fruit, orange peel and exotic quassia. Perfect.