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Vignalta was founded in 1980 by the passion and enterprising initiative of 3 friends, Lucio Gomiero, Paolo Guzzo and Luciano Salvagnin. The company is located in Arquà Petrarca, in the province of Padua, among the enchanting and rolling hills of the Euganean Hills. Of volcanic origin, these territories are characterized by the variegated soil, sometimes volcanic and sometimes calcareous, offering a distinct and different expressiveness, in the wide range of wines offered. Lucio Gomiero, the soul of the winery, has always believed in the potential of this fine territory, cultivating and producing the aromatic yellow muscat (Fior d'Arancio) but also vines of Bordeaux origin, such as merlot, cabernet and international such as chardonnay or pinot bianco, combining them with the best terroir. The company today boasts, after almost 30 years in the wine world, a leading name in the Italian and international scene, thanks to the foresight of its founders, who were among the first to cultivate vineyards with other densities in these territories, overcoming the initial distrust of many. The wines produced by Vignalta, therefore, offer particular characteristics depending on the terroir, such as the Gemola and the Arquà, produced with the same winery techniques and with merlot grapes, but profoundly different. The vineyards cover a total of 50 hectares of vine land, 35 of properties and 15 for rent, located in the municipalities of Arquà, Baone, Cinto Euganeo and Valnogaredo, cultivated according to conventional viticulture practices. As for the winery, Michele Montecchio enhances the expressiveness of terroir and varietals through a masterly oenology, carried out in the cellar built in 1994 and completely dug into the rock, to offer the best possible refinement to the company's wines. The red wines of this Colli Euganei winery follow the Bordeaux mark, with cuts of merlot and cabernet franc, or merlot and cabernet sauvignon, as for Vignalta Colli Euganei Rosso Riserva or Gemola Colli Euganei Rosso, while whites hit in especially for express freshness, especially in the sparkling wine range. Among the whites stands out the yellow muscat, presented as dry, sparkling and raisin wine, to witness the versatility of the varietal, the expressiveness of the terroir and the different processing. To complete the offer of this winery of the Euganean Hills, in addition to wines, we also find extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and aromatic salt, a real explosion of Mediterranean taste at the table.

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The Colli Euganei 'Arqua' by Vignalta comes from the assembly of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown on the scales of the town of Arqua' Petrarca, a wine of impressive concentration, compared with the Gemola one would say the other side of the coin. Aging in tonneau of 2nd passage for 36, followed and 6 months in bottle. Fruity aromas, spicy notes and velvety softness.

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The Colli Euganei 'Gemola' by Vignalta comes from the assembly of Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes grown in the Monte Gemola vineyard. The particular volcanic soil makes it possible to produce this jewel of elegance, refined in aromas and solid on the palate. Refine in new 500 l Francesce oak barrels for 36 months. Excellent with red meat.