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In the wonderful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, since 1972, following the most important British production traditions, and at the same time trying to experiment with new distillation techniques, the small distillery "Saint Lucia Distillers" produces some of the best Rum blend in the world. The St Lucia distillery is located in the rich and beautiful Roseau valley where a passionate group of distillers and blenders works with the aim of creating the best rum possible. Saint Lucia Distillery has emerged from a well-established tradition in the island, where in the 50s there were only two distilleries, in Dennery, linked to the Barnard plantation and Roseau of the Geest family and in the latter's location was born St. Lucia with the two families of the original distilleries as partners. The Geest remained members until 1992 when the Barnard took over the shares and then brought into the company Angostura Ltd. of Trinidad in 1997. In 2005 the St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies was sold to Clico with Laurie Barnard, the third generation of Rum maker, who remained as Managing Director to ensure continuity. The process is classic, after having subjected the molasses to a long fermentation, which takes place in open tanks through the only indigenous yeasts, the distillation is performed both with modern column alembics, and with traditional and discontinuous stills. Aging takes place in American oak barrels, previously used for Bourbon Whiskey, Sherry or Cognac. The combined use of several stills, and the use of various types of aging barrels, means that the rums of the Saint Lucia distillery are rich in aromas and particularly balanced, qualities for which Saint Lucia Distillers is famous throughout the world. The St Lucia Distillers Group offer is very extensive, with over 25 rum in the premium category and traditional rum-like liqueurs.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items