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List of products by brand Le Vigne di Zamo'

Le Vigne di Zamò, a winery founded in 1978 in Rosazzo, in the province of Udine, has been a reference for thirty years not only for the large area of ​​the Colli Orientali del Friuli but also for the entire region. Its wines, always characterized by an elegance and a unique material, have amply demonstrated the greatness of the area and that of some of its best vineyards. Just think of plots now entered in the collective imagination, such as Rocca Bernarda, 10 hectares enjoying the influence of the sea and especially of large temperature changes between day and night, Buttrio, 5 hectares from which two of the most significant wines of Le Vigne di Zamò, the "Fifty years" or Rosazzo, 15 hectares characterized by a unique microclimate, fresh but at the same time temperate. Wines in perfect balance between tradition and modernity, produced in a suggestive cellar like few others, modern and buried in the hill so as not to impact the extraordinary environment that surrounds it.

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The Pinot Grigio Ramato by Le Vigne di Zamò is made from pure Pinot Grigio grapes, picked and selected by hand during the first two weeks of September. Aged for around 6 months in large oak barrels before bottling. Pleasant aroma of bread and yeast. Warm, ample and sapid. Perfect to match with fish dishes.

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The Friulano DOC 'No Name' 2016 by Le Vigne di Zamò is a substantial and juicy white, rich in both aromas and taste. Fruit and flowers, then citrus fruits and a lot of minerality, together with the typical almondy traits: a high level Friulan. Ideal for a dinner with friends. 'Nameless' a reflection against the exaggerated bureaucracy that afflicts the world of wine.


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The Merlot 'Vigne 50 Anni' by Le Vigne di Zamò is made after a careful selection in the old vineyards: the Merlot grapes are macerated in truncated conical wooden vats for a period of 20 days. Then followed by racking, traditional pressing of the marc and decanting in barriques. After approx. 18 months the wine is bottled and aged for another 2 years in the bottle. An excellent Merlot.

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The 'Tullio Zamò' Collection by Le Vigne di Zamò is composed by historical vintages (2011-2012-2013) of Pinot Bianco. Only the flower must obtained by the direct pressing of the grapes becomes Tullio Zamò. A limited edition collection that includes only the best vintages. Barriques of first and second passage for 10 months of aging. Excellent. Contains 3 x 750 ml bottles.