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List of products by manufacturer Fazi Battaglia

Fazi Battaglia was set up in 1949 when two families – Fazi and Battaglia – joined forces in a small wine estate in the town of Cupramontana, but it was the Angelini family just a few years later which made the company into a historic Italian wine making brand. And all this thanks to courage and an intuition which can be summed up in two fundamental and decidedly innovative choices for the era: investing strongly in vineyard improvment (in an era in which quality considerations were still a very long way from being central to Italian winemaking) and, at the same time, a strong belief in a single vine, Verdicchio. Two choices which were ahead of their time and made Fazi Battaglia a standard bearer for the promotion of production areas like the Marche region and one of the great native Italian vines.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item